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Our line of Mini Grands are a cost-effective alternative to our Grand Entry Doors, replacing just your existing wood or fiberglass door. All our Mini Grands are made from high strength aluminum, enabling us to utilize custom, complex shapes which allow us to engineer doors that are seamless and compact, without loosing any of the features expected in custom ornamental doors. Our Mini Grands are durable, and affordable! They come standard with your choice of glass pattern, powder coat color and installation. 

All designs are available in the following sizes:

3' X 7' (Actual door dimensions - 35-3/4"  79")

3' X 8' (Actual door dimensions - 35-3/4" X 95")

3'-5" X 8' (Actual door dimensions - 41-3/4" X 95")

4' X 8' (Actual door dimensions - 47-3/4" X 95")


Mini Grand Designs


Mini Grand Photos

To view the Mini Grand options, please click here.

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